Self-managed Super Funds


From 1 July 2014, many SMSF trustees will need to ensure ...

 .... they are able to receive employer contributions and associated data electronically using the Super Stream data and payment standard.



These requirements apply now when the employer has 20 employees, otherwise they apply from 1st July 2015.

While many SMSFs are already receiving contributions by electronic transfer, from this date they will be required to.  What will impact most SMSFs however, is the need to receive the associated data electronically.  Unfortunately, this is not simply an email address.  SMSF trustees will need to make sure they have an electronic service address that is capable of receiving the information in the correct format.  A number of providers are offering this service and the Australian Taxation Office has published a register of these providers on their website to assist trustees in locating and obtaining a service address – e.g. Australia Post.  Some are offering this as a free service.

Many SMSF members will be related to their employer (i.e. they are shareholders) hence these obligations will not apply, but only if they are the sole employees.


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